GMO Activists March Against Monsanto – Farmers’ Perspective

Another great article for info on non GMO’s vs GMO’s. We must educate ourselves to make informed decisions.

Beef Runner

What’s that you say? There’s a rally on Market Square today? What’s the cause? Oh, they are marching against GMO foods…

gmo feed hungry peopleToday, Saturday, May 25, (2014 event is taking place on 05/24/2014), 2015 event is taking place on 05/23/2015) thousands of people across the globe are organizing a March Against Monsanto. The group claims in a mission statement that GMO foods are not sustainable and cause harm through increased risk of cancers, infertility, and birth defects. The group believes that chemicals produced by Monsanto, like glyphosphate (Roundup), are poisoning our environment. This group strongly dislikes government and FDA support and approval of GMO foods and the recent, as they call it, Monsanto Protection Act. This groups wants to unveil the truth about GMOs, boycott Monsanto, and increase research on the harm caused by consuming GMO foods. You can read more about the desires of this event on…

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Spring Break

One week into Spring break and my house looks likes 15 dogs and a herd of elephants live here.  Little does the child know but she’ll be helping with a cleaning frenzy later Wednesday morning.  The time has come to live in a clean home not just a lived in home.


3 Generations of Registered Nurses

3 Generations of Registered Nurses

My grandmother, bottom right, turns 93 years old in June. She is the proud mother of 2 well accomplished Registered Nurses. My aunt, to grandma’s left, is married to a nurse. Her boys are dentist’s. My mom, in the center of the back row, is a proud mother of two nurses also. Maureen, my sister- on the top right, is a hospice nurse. She’s currently working on her nurse practitioner degree. I’m Heather, far left on the top row. I’ve been an RN for 17 years. I’ve done just about everything, ok, not everything but a lot. I currently work as an Infection Preventionist at a local hospital. I’ve been doing it for 3 months and am learning so much. Prior to that I worked Same Day Surgery, PACU, Endoscopy, Pain Clinic, ICU, and many other. If you’re interested I’m happy to share.