GMO Activists March Against Monsanto – Farmers’ Perspective

Another great article for info on non GMO’s vs GMO’s. We must educate ourselves to make informed decisions.

Beef Runner

What’s that you say? There’s a rally on Market Square today? What’s the cause? Oh, they are marching against GMO foods…

gmo feed hungry peopleToday, Saturday, May 25, (2014 event is taking place on 05/24/2014), 2015 event is taking place on 05/23/2015) thousands of people across the globe are organizing a March Against Monsanto. The group claims in a mission statement that GMO foods are not sustainable and cause harm through increased risk of cancers, infertility, and birth defects. The group believes that chemicals produced by Monsanto, like glyphosphate (Roundup), are poisoning our environment. This group strongly dislikes government and FDA support and approval of GMO foods and the recent, as they call it, Monsanto Protection Act. This groups wants to unveil the truth about GMOs, boycott Monsanto, and increase research on the harm caused by consuming GMO foods. You can read more about the desires of this event on…

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To Gnome or Not to Gnome

I received my first gnome about one month ago. My sister was very happy to present me with a New Orleans Saints gnome. He survived the flight from Dallas, Texas to Portland, Oregon and a five hour drive from Portland to Medford, Oregon. He know resides on the porch right next to my front door. A week ago I found him missing an arm. Was this football player attacking my house? Better yet, my dogs or our friends? You do know that gnomes are plotting to take over the world and our homes. We must unite and protect ourselves from them.

If gnomes are out to take over, then how do you protect yourselves from them? Do you stock up on more gnomes with different colored hats like the gnomes in Gnome-O and Juliette? Do you buy other lawn animals to guard your house? How about Constantine wire around the perimeter of your house? Which ever means you choose it is sure to help you. I’ve bought gnomes with different colored hats and have two big German Shepherds to protect my home. I’m hoping for a war between the red and blue hats. I will be hiding my garden tools and wheelbarrow as gnomes like to steal and use these items to plot their take over.

As my newly formed gnome family starts to live together in the garden we’ll see if the rumors are true. I’ll be watching for missing tools, footprints in the mud, position changes in the garden, and whatever else may occur. I’ll keep you updated. If you don’t hear from me again,then you know the gnomes have captured me and are torturing me.


Dirt, my therapy.

Hubby and James gopher proofing the bottom of the garden box.

       Hubby and James gopher proofing the bottom of the garden box.

My birthday present which I've named the 'Green Devil'.

My birthday present which I’ve named the ‘Green Devil’.

There’s something therapeutic about playing in the dirt.  Every year, around this time, I love to get out and work in my flower bed.  This year I have the added pleasure of planting a “real” garden in raised beds.  Last weekend the first of two raised beds was prepared and planted.  Lettuce, broccoli, spinach, cabbage, early girl tomatoes, and garlic grace the hallows of dirt.  The other bed will be home to green beans (much to my husbands dismay), sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, beefstake tomatoes, and butter nut squash (for my darling Hannah).  I’m hoping that another raised bed will appear and be home to crooked neck squash, zucchini, and lemon cucumbers.  The third bed is all dear husbands request.

IMG_1463 IMG_1469

The dogs didn’t mind the empty boxes being in their space but with the planting of the first box their interests have peaked.   Sascha, my mini schaunzer, thinks the empty box is her own little mountain.  She jumps into it and stands right smack dab in the middle.  Her little face lights up and she smiles so big that her teeth show.  I’ve already lost a lettuce plant thanks to her.  I’m not quite sure if she ate it or dug it up.  My dogs actually love their veggies.  This coming weekend the wire fencing should encompass the perimeter of the beds.  Once they are surrounded, my plants will not live in fear of their lives.  That is until harvest time.

With the emergence of Spring, not only is my desire for gardening aroused but my birthday happens to show up.  I have already received my present for this year.  I bet you can’t guess what it is!  Ok, I won’t leave you in suspence.  I am the proud owner of an electric rotatiller.  My flower bed will never be the same.  Until now all the work that has been done in it has been pure blood, sweat, and tears.  The entire bed has been worked by hand.  Today, I fired (push start) my little green devil up.  The largest and emptiest part of my flower bed was worked over.  The freshly tilled dirt and steer manure are now plush beds for 12 strawberry plants, a new columbine, and a few annuals.

I’m looking forward to the weeks yet to come.  The beauty of flowers blooming and crops maturing will keep me amused and satisfied.

Spring Break

One week into Spring break and my house looks likes 15 dogs and a herd of elephants live here.  Little does the child know but she’ll be helping with a cleaning frenzy later Wednesday morning.  The time has come to live in a clean home not just a lived in home.